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We organize a bunch of stuff

Business cases with design related companies. Parties with hundreds of master students. An international study trip. Flamboyant gala activities. Educational feedback moments. Monthly network drinks. You name it, we organize it for you.

Start of semester drinks

€5 | Mooie boules

Your fellow S360 member, Pajam Kordian, has designed the first edition of the S360 Annual Sweater! We think he did an amazing job and what's even better is that you can get this sweater in the link below!

Pizza moment with Giulia

March 28th | 18:00-19:30 | Studio 23/24

Want to give your feedback about the study program of SPD? And on top of that get some pizza from Giulia? Sign up with the link below.
The theme this time is: The future of SPD

Game Night!

March 29th | 20:00 till late | Cafe Wijnhaven

Join us for a night in the Wijnhaven where you can show off your favorite board games and teach others how to play with you! Keep an eye on our Instagram for details.

EOQ Party!



MoS trip

May 12th - May 15th

There are city trips, camping trips and business trips, but there is only one master of strategy trip! Join us for a long weekend of travel, gezelligheid and solving cases for companies!




Studio360 Gala

June 4th | 21:00-03:00

Fancy clothing, beautiful people, an eye-watering location and unlimited drinks. What more do you want?

The SPD Master Community

From the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft

Being a student community, Studio360 strives to bring students, businesses and the faculty together to become an addition to the curriculum of every SPD student. These three pillars are the cornerstones of our community: Social, Professional and Educational.

So if you are a student, we can offer you multitude of both interesting and fun activitities, combined with networking events and business cases, and we will hear you out about what you think of SPD and collaboratively work on improving our studies for generations to come.

And if you are a business, we would love to discuss what we can do together to create value for all parties, Whether it's a case, a visit or a guest lecture, we can assure you that we come armed with a group of highly enthusiastic strategic designers that will stop only when everyone is content.

We would like to hear from you!

Whether you have a question about our community or about the things we organize, or you have a piece of valuable feedback on the way things are going or how they could be better, let us know with this form!


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