Rotman Design Challenge Part 2

Studio360 enjoys tackling challenges which allows students to become immersed within the working environment – one that focusses on bringing design thinking to life within a business. On the 9th and 10th of February we, Studio360 were able to participate in the Rotman Design Challenge; provided by the Rotman School of Management in Toronto, Canada.

The challenge was not just about competing against MBA students from top universities across the world, but also to challenge our own way of thinking by developing digital disruption concepts within construction. The brief was for Kingspan – an Irish company that produces and supplies insulation and building materials and solutions. Developing strategies to make Kingspan the leader in digital construction.

As with all future thinking challenges we first determined if the brief solved the true potential of the problem. It was determined that a shift in the question was needed, not to just allow Kingspan to compete in technology markets but rather highlight their strengths and leverage partnerships.

The concept we eventually pitched was a direct and well-received fit for the brief and Kingspan. We used design thinking and techniques which we are accustomed to using in Delft, such as Roadmapping, to convey a coherent and well substantiated story.

Although we eventually did not make it to the finals, we delivered a concept to be proud of – one that professionals in the field received very positively. We learned not only which criteria this type of competition would be interested in, but also broadening our knowledge from guest speakers and fellow contestants.

Interesting to see was that the MBA school finalists, all specifically focused on the design aspect within business. Almost as if they actually want to be designers…

We are extremely thankful to have gotten this opportunity, thanks to the generosity of the Delft University Fund.



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