Rabobank Business Case

Quick-Brainstorming on ideas about the customer’s touchpoint of the future.

Today we had the opportunity to work on an exciting business case for Rabobank concerning the “future of banks”.

Eelco, Manager at Rabobank, introduced the challenge of the day: “How do customers see financial services in the future? What will the main (physical) touch-points be in 2023?”. They then introduced us to the Innovation Hub with the current innovation projects.

Introduction of the Case at Rabobank.

This helped inspire students to kick-off the challenge and deliver promising solutions. In conclusion, students presented diverse and very well received concepts (Rabo-Baby, Rabo-Academy, Rabo-Markt… just to mention a few)!

Eventually, SPD Students pitched their concepts at Rabobank.

Thanks, Eelco and Stefanie for this opportunity, which the students thoroughly enjoyed! Looking forward to seeing where these concepts may be developed in the future!

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