Master of Strategy Trip 2019

Group picture at Ericsson ONE

From 3rd to the 8th of March Studio360 along with 25 ambitious Master students spent a week in Stockholm. We took part in business cases, workshops and company visits. During the study trip, we had the opportunity to break away from university and get the first-hand experience with what it means to be a strategic designer. We worked and collaborated for three companies/design agencies: Ericsson, Pond Design and Itch.

Working on Ericsson Challenge – Ideation

We started the trip with a bang as we entered a two-day business case with Ericsson. We were immediately inspired by the tour around the facilities as well as the experience centre of Ericsson which helped fuel us for challenging the brief, and exploring how IoT could be integrated into the logistics landscape to improve package delivery. All the students came up with some really exciting outcomes. We challenged the brief and for example, one such concept looked at streamlining the process of Emergency services for car accidents. Wednesday at Pond Design firm we worked on a creative branding challenge to boost well-being products that currently have seemingly contradictory consumer perceptions. The last Business Case we had the pleasure to be hosted by Itch, where we worked on a social challenge with regard to online sexual harassment. We immediately dived into the topic and developed creative and novel ideas – even if the time was very short!! We were also eager to learn about a toolkit to assess behavioural changes challenges – a new method to add to our “Delft Method Collections”.

Building the narrative of a hypothetical online sexual harassment scenario at Itch

Thank You to all the companies for hosting us and sharing your knowledge and practices with us. We are very proud of the positive atmosphere, motivation and the team dynamics our students were able to perform – giving the best of themselves as ‘professional’ strategic designers. With every case and moment, we made the most of the opportunities and good times!

Additionally, we were lucky to count on Rebecca Price, our ‘design (and life) coach during the week in Stockholm. She joined the Masters of Strategy Tour to support us during the business cases and workshops with her coaching, reflections and useful feedback. Her support was important to grasp the real challenges that were given in each company. This resulted in great pitches and concept presentations at the end of every session. Thanks to everyone for making this trip a big success – looking forward to Masters of Strategy 2020!

Delivering amazing outcomes and novel ideas at Itch
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